Flatsome | Thème WooCommerce réactif à des fins multiples

Flatsome est un beau thème WordPress réactif avec un design moderne pour le commerce électronique. Nous voulons que votre entreprise soit belle et appréciée de vos clients!

Flatsome est le thème WordPress le plus vendu pour la boutique en ligne susmentionnée WooCommerce.

Flatsome Également dans le top 10 de tous les thèmes WordPress les plus vendus ci-dessus ThèmeForest.

Démo: https://themeforest.net/search/5484319

Faits saillants Thème Flatsome – WooCommerce réactif polyvalent

Thème WooCommerce réactif polyvalent Flatsome

  • Mettre à jour libre à vie!
  • Compatible avec WordPress 4.8, 5.0+
  • WooCommerce 3,5+ compatible
  • Compatibilité multilingue WPML (contient des fichiers .po)
  • Optimisation SEO
  • Glisser déposer Constructeur de Trang
  • Documentation en ligne – https://docs.uxtheme.com/
  • Prend en charge Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8 +
  • possibilité Mode catégorie (Masquer les fonctions pour le panier et la caisse)
  • La mise à jour est aussi simple que Envato Boîte à outils WordPress
  • Thème pour enfants Bao gồm
  • Contenu de démonstration est inclus dans le package d’installation!
  • Contient des fichiers et des actifs PSD

tính năng Flatsome |  Thème WooCommerce réactif à des fins multiples

Thème WordPress Flatsome

Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme v3.13.3 Nulled Free Changelog

--- 3.13.3 (31.03.21) ---
FIXED: ContactForm7 progress spinner.
FIXED: Team Members: Displayed follow icons by default.
FIXED: Page Header: Background color for featured and normal style.
FIXED: Live search not yielding results for post/pages if its option and WC both are deactivated.
FIXED: Slider responsive margin.
FIXED: Builder: PHP 8 error in some cases.
FIXED: Builder: PHP warning 'Trying to get property 'post_type' of non-object' due WC on boarding task.

ENHANCEMENT: Author bio can now contain HTML.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved browser back button cache support.
DEV: Added new flatsome_author_bio_avatar_size filter.

--- v3.13.2 (25.02.21) ---
NEW: Option to disable sale badge in catalog mode.
NEW: Slovenian translation added.

FIXED: Builder: Post multi select sorting.
FIXED: Builder: Reveal options on custom post Ids clearance.
FIXED: Builder: Gutenberg HTML blocks now show up as WP content blocks.
FIXED: Builder: Image placeholder position when added in mobile/tablet mode.
FIXED: Plugin integrated breadcrumbs did not show when WooCommerce not active.
FIXED: Portfolio filter stayed visible despite visibility option selection.
FIXED: Share links on shop and blog archive pages.
FIXED: Text box element parent styling issues.
FIXED: Wishlist whatsapp share (mobile).
FIXED: Cross-sells column amount filtering.
FIXED: Sticky header on tablet/mobile when admin bar is hidden.
FIXED: Google map not rendering sometimes on FF & Safari.
FIXED: Slider not properly shown on custom dropdowns.
FIXED: Some menu item options did not save in some cases.
FIXED: Corrected WooCommerce address translation string.
FIXED: WP-CLI profiler outputted HTML in some cases.
FIXED: Divider left alignment in image box.
FIXED: Builder: PHP error on PHP 7.0.x.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.
FIXED: Various PHP notices.

ENHANCEMENT: Follow element now shows global follow links if non is individually set by default.
ENHANCEMENT: Equal image heights setting now also affects upsells and related products.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved Flatsome Studio loading performance.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved support for decimal product quantities.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.

DEV: Added new flatsome_header_account_username filter.
DEV: Added new flatsome_sale_bubble_percentage_cache_enabled filter.

--- v3.13.1 (16.12.20) ---
NEW: PHP 8 support.

FIXED: Menu element active link.
FIXED: Menu element dark divider color.
FIXED: Sticky header when top bar is enabled.
FIXED: Custom menu item class did not output when an icon was selected.
FIXED: Builder option styling in latest FireFox.
FIXED: UX Builder edit button in Gutenberg.
FIXED: Various PHP notices.

ENHANCEMENT: Clarified register with token feedback messages.
ENHANCEMENT: Support jQuery 3.5 without migrate.
ENHANCEMENT: Increased max for layout width options.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved sticky header with WP admin bar.
ENHANCEMENT: Text element color option now colors direct child HTML tags.

--- v3.13.0 --- (26.11.20)
NEW: WordPress 5.6 compatibility.
NEW: WooCommerce 4.8.0 compatibility.
NEW: Mega Menus - Create fully customizable dropdowns with UX Builder.
NEW: Menu element for building custom dropdowns and footer links.
NEW: Templates for UX Builder - Save any element or page as reusable template.
NEW: Register/activate theme with token support.
NEW: Responsive styling for Text element.
NEW: Menu icons media picker or markup.
NEW: Menu dropdown design/size options (Full Width, Container).
NEW: Menu dropdown reveal option hover or click.
NEW: Nav dropdown shadow option.
NEW: Nav dropdown border option.
NEW: Background overlay on nav hover/click per header position.
NEW: Improved Instagram account connection flow.
NEW: Instagram clear cache button.
NEW: Gutenberg: builder placeholder block (previously plain HTML).
NEW: Column background radius option from row.
NEW: Top Bar navigation uppercase/lowercase option.
NEW: Top Bar navigation height option.
NEW: Header button bevel and gloss styles.
NEW: Beacon powered "Search Documentation" (on admin panels).
NEW: Venmo payment icon.

FIXED: Instagram hashtag requests & URL scheme.
FIXED: Customizer option framework version constant.
FIXED: Filter button on product tag pages with custom shop page content.
FIXED: Main header height defaults.
FIXED: Transparent header height defaults.
FIXED: Product video button link when pasted with extra space.
FIXED: Global button radius affected quantity button inner radius.
FIXED: woocommerce_template_loop_product_title filter did not take place.
FIXED: Incorrect nested tag in cart-shipping.php template.
FIXED: Builder: Arrows on number input on FF.
FIXED: Builder: Incorrect + button position on option change in some cases.
FIXED: Builder: Some element presets did not render correctly before applying.
FIXED: Main nav and nav hover color affected the bottom bar navs.
FIXED: Gallery: Multi gallery in tabs did not have numbering and navigation.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved loading speed of inline SVG's.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved accessibility on various elements.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved support for uncommon theme directory names.
ENHANCEMENT: Increases maximum for navigation height setting.
ENHANCEMENT: Increases max/min for col margins.
ENHANCEMENT: Single variation listing now has sale bubble percentage value.

DEV: Added new 'flatsome_sticky_add_to_cart_enabled' filter.
DEV: Added the 'woocommerce_checkout_before_order_review_heading' filter.
DEV: Updated FB graph API to v8.0.

Note: Minimum required WooCommerce version 3.6.0.
Note: Mega Menu requires WP 5.4 or higher.

= v3.12.3 =
- FIXED: Instagram API change affecting images from certain posts.
- FIXED: Countdown background color.
- FIXED: Older admin assets could remain in browser cache (Advanced Options).
- FIXED: HTML not rendering in product title (reverted WC 4.4 template change).
- NEW: WordPress 5.5 compatibility.
- NEW: WooCommerce 4.4 compatibility.
- NEW: Updated Google Fonts list.

- FIXED: Custom product layout, global overruled category in some cases.
- FIXED: Off-canvas sidebar not scrollable with mobile slide menu activated.
- FIXED: Countdown responsive size when large is default.
- FIXED: Product Flip was only able to show max. 10 custom id's.
- FIXED: Image column link showed on mobile menu with slide effect.
- FIXED: Builder: Icon Box preview when changing icon position.
- FIXED: Custom portfolio items 404 after certain plugin updates.
- FIXED: Site Loader and 404 Block option not able to save in some cases.
- FIXED: packery JS error in customizer preview in some cases.
- FIXED: Wording of default cookie notice message.
- FIXED: Cookies banner accept button href anchor.
- FIXED: Cookies banner cookie duration.

- ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Preserve open hierarchy items when leaving element options.
- ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Scroll preview frame when dragging elements in side panel.

- DEV: Added the 'woocommerce_product_upsells_products_heading' filter.
- DEV: Updated customizer option framework.

- Change: Cookie banner settings moved to new 'Notifications' section.
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Important: Pour activer le sujet, entrez toutes les données dans le code enable!

Mot de passe: Voir les instructions à la fin de l’article

Remarque: la version de téléchargement standard est flatsome v3.11.1parce que c’est une copie Mise à jour automatique Alors allez sur wp et mettez tout à jour avec la dernière version

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